September Volunteer Needs

Cooks: -2nd Monday of the month @ 6 pm -One Tuesday a month (multiple openings) @ 6 pm Volunteers for different rolls on club nights (Secuirty, Activitiy Leader & Core Leaders)*  -High Schoolers: Monday nights 6-8:30 pm -Middle Schoolers: Tuesday nights 6-8:30 pm -Elementary Schoolers: Thursday nights 6-8:00 pm Details on our different rolls: YFC Volunteer[…]

3 Stories of Radical Change

The First Story: Our first Monday Club after Camp was spent sharing memories and fun experiences that we had at summer camp. This was a time to watch videos from camp as well as play some favorite camp games. We then opened the floor for students to share what God taught them at Camp. We had[…]

“I’m having a lot of fun!”

Consider donating by clicking that red button on the right and you can help ensure that lots more kids have a whole lot of fun!  Thanks to your donations and our developing relationships with community organizations, more than 30 YFC® students have attended a variety of local camps this summer. The students, who range in[…]

Let’s Sing and Dance

I don’t know about you, but music has always been a huge part of my life. I turn to music in the bad, good, alone, and celebrating times in my life. I love getting my boys dancing and hearing new music because it makes memories and reminds us of good times. I have also created[…]

Word to the Wise

Have you ever wondered how many times your name is said in a day? Well, since I (Courtney) became a staff member at YFC®, I know that the number of times my name is said, called or yelled loudly on a daily basis has exponentially increased. Whenever there is a club night or summer activity[…]


Yesterday I (Sarah) got out of my office and spent the day with our students on a day trip to the Ebersole Farm. Day trips happen almost every week throughout the summer. They’re an opportunity for our city kids to have experiences outside of the city, oftentimes these experiences are firsts for them. Like their[…]