Summer Update 2016

I remember being a kid and playing the game “follow the leader.” The rules were simple. First, we chose a leader or “head of the line,” with everyone else lining up behind the leader. The leader then moved around with all the “followers” mimicking the leader’s actions. Any player who failed to do what the leader did was out of the game. It was fun because the leader always did some risky things like hopping on rocks across the stream on one foot.

Many of the students we minister to are following leaders, typically parents, who unfortunately are modeling unhealthy values and behaviors. These are quotes we recently heard from students that reflect the mentality of the leaders they are following:
• Financially, it’s better to rent a home than to own a home.
• Mom said the school allows me 12 school skips, so it’s ok to stay home today.
• When asked his father’s name on a form, the student wrote “IDK.” Meaning, I don’t know.
• I didn’t turn in a research paper because I already wasn’t doing well in that class.
• I missed 10 days of school because my alarm clock wasn’t on the same schedule as my sleeping schedule. (He was serious!)

These quotes make logical sense to our students. These kids simply follow the leaders in their lives. Without intervention they will continue to follow cycles of poverty and dysfunction. YFC® is committed to providing leaders who guide young people down a different path and enable them to break these cycles.

Some of our evening programs have begun offering classes like leadership, finances, and mechanics. Our instructors not only teach valuable life skills, they also build relationships with students. In time, our instructors become their new leaders who point them to Jesus and encourage them to follow God as their ultimate leader.

Helping students break free from family patterns and adopt new beliefs, values and behaviors is slow, hard work. But, God has called LVYFC® to faithfully lead children and teenagers out of the darkness into the light of a new life with him. Providing students with healthy leaders calls for financial resources. The budget for our annual fund requires $19,450 per month. As we prepare for valuable summer activities, I’m asking you to give financially and prayerfully to the great cause of reaching youth for Christ. Will you join us in leading our students into a new life with Jesus?

Warmly in Christ,
Jerry E. Higley
Executive Director