Yesterday I (Sarah) got out of my office and spent the day with our students on a day trip to the Ebersole Farm. Day trips happen almost every week throughout the summer. They’re an opportunity for our city kids to have experiences outside of the city, oftentimes these experiences are firsts for them. Like their first time chasing a goat, holding a baby chick or petting a horse.

Day trips expand the world that our students live in.
When asked “What do you use straw for?” a kid answered… “That’s what you put in scarecrows, right?”.
Scarecrows were the only experience they had with straw up until yesterday! By the end of our time visiting with the animals and learning about farming I heard one young girl mutter to herself, “I wish I had my own farm”. That’s my favorite part of day trips. When our students experience something outside their bubble they begin to dream of becoming something different than what they typically see. They dream of being farmers or sailors or actors or swimmers!

Day trips take time, money, and creative energy but they are always worth it. I wanted to thank you for supporting our ministry through prayer, volunteering, and giving financially. Your support opens our students’ eyes to new dreams and allows us to build relationships that point to Christ. Thank you!

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