Word to the Wise

Have you ever wondered how many times your name is said in a day? Well, since I (Courtney) became a staff member at YFC®, I know that the number of times my name is said, called or yelled loudly on a daily basis has exponentially increased. Whenever there is a club night or summer activity with the elementary kids, I hear multiple requests for many things. “Courtney, are we having a snack tonight?” “Courtney, Timmy is calling me names.” “Courtney, Suzy pushed me for no reason.” “Courtney, I can’t find my phone.” While these requests sound simple (Most are actually statements, but they imply a request), there is often a good amount of wisdom needed to formulate the best response. For example, I find myself thinking, “Should that particular child have a snack tonight? His behavior was very bad; so should we reward him? Didn’t he already have enough junk food?” Or, “Should I let these kids work out their own solution to their dispute or do they need help?” In essence, I often have a debate in my head about what response will help the kids the most.

courtney The situations described above are similar to those a parent often faces, but on a larger scale. Being in the position I’m in at YFC® has lead me to think about what it is like for God to parent all of us. He is our perfect Father. I think of myself as being well-educated and I have a lot of experience working with kids, yet I’m continually stumped when it comes to these kids’ requests. In contrast, God is never confused when he responds to us. He has perfect wisdom and is able to teach and discipline us in ways that are perfectly suited to each of us. How I desire that wisdom and how thankful I am to the YFC® kids for teaching me that I can only have it by going to God for it. I thought I was the one who was teaching the kids. Again and again I find that they are teaching me.


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