“I’m having a lot of fun!”

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Thanks to your donations and our developing relationships with community organizations, more than 30 YFC® students have attended a variety of local camps this summer. The students, who range in age from 7 to 13, have tasted and seen God’s love in action. Our primary collaborators have been the Lebanon Valley Family YMCA, Lancaster Family YMCA Camp Shand, St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, and Lebanon Valley Council on the Arts.

At the YMCA’s Camp Shand, 16 students overnighted in cabins, had close encounters with nature, made new friends and interacted with positive young mentors. How cool is it that the camp program director and cabin counselor sought me out to tell me how much they enjoyed the YFC® kids because they were ready to try anything, were helpful and took good care of one another throughout the week!

At Lebanon Valley Council on the Arts, which is next door to YFC®, 11 students explored and practiced creating art. When I stopped in to check to see how the students were doing, one of our 9 year olds exclaimed, “Laurie, I am having a lot of fun!”

At St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, 8 students attended a VBS style camp that included a night at Camp Krislund, the Presbyterian camp near State College where they learned about God, slept in tents, swam in a pool, zipped on a zip line and had a campfire.

As I write this article, on a very hot day in the middle of July, I too am having a lot of fun! What a joy it is to connect YFC® students with other organizations who share in the mission of guiding and encouraging kids. I am coming to a deeper understanding of how a community can intentionally be developed. Enrolling students in community programs outside of YFC® connects students to other students, students to adults, and students to organizations including churches.

Together we are truly tasting and seeing that God is good! LVYFC® would like to specifically express gratitude to Thomas Carmany, Chris Smith, Perry Latshaw and Sharon Zook who represented the YMCA, Camp Shand, St. Andrews Presbyterian Church and Lebanon Council on the Arts for all that they did to bless our students and our community with a summer to remember. We are having a lot of fun!