Elementary Club – “Just Kids”

Brook Armstrong

When I think of YFC Elementary Club I think of a safe and fun place where kids can just be kids and learn about Jesus in a safe environment. We were blessed to have a group of Summit students come and do a missions week with us . They got to experience the ministry as a whole, from our annual benefit auction, to helping and leading all three clubs, taking a tour with our director Jerry, and just spending time with the staff and our YFC kids. At the end of their week we were able to take them to Paramount Sportsplex with a number of our YFC kids. The kids always have such a great time there, because it is a place where they can jump on trampolines, jump into foam pits, and play on mats for hours. It’s the perfect place for our YFC kids, because for those few hours they get to be “just kids”.

When our kids go home they have to deal with some tough situations. Often these circumstances would be tough for an adult to experience, yet alone a small child.  Some examples that they deal with are, where they will sleep at night, moving multiple times throughout the school year, and having to take care of their younger siblings. Working with the elementary students at club I have seen firsthand these tough situations that our students face.

When they come through the doors of YFC our main goal is to allow them to just be kids while experiencing the love of Jesus. Even though our kids are going through these tough times, they come into club and embrace us Leaders with open arms and welcome us into their lives. Our kids need Christian role models who will add value to their life, by simply being a part of their life. If you are interested in showing the love of Jesus to our kids, please contact Brook Armstrong at 717.572.8551 or brook@lvyfc.com.


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