High School Club – “God is at Work!”

Nate Armstrong

      “God is working” is a statement that gets thrown around a lot, especially in our Christian circles. But if we are honest with ourselves this is often hard to believe at times. The reality is God is always working, even if we can’t see it. God might just be working 3 miles away and we just can’t see the results yet! In the past several months I have been reminded of this in our high school program. At times it seems like students aren’t growing or maybe even taking steps backwards. It seems like one crisis gets taken care of but then another 3 pop up. This can be exhausting and overwhelming but even in this never ending cycle God is working and changing lives.

      A few weeks ago we were blessed to have a mission’s team from Summit International School of ministry come to Lebanon for a week. They worked hard and planned a coffee house for our high school students. This was a fun time but also an impactful night. Several students got up in front of their peers and shared what God has been doing in their lives. Two guys and 1 girl shared that evening. All three of these teens have unique circumstances going on in their lives and you can say that life has been pretty tough for them. Most of them have been coming out to YFC for a long time. At times they were some of the students who seemed to take steps forward and then take a bunch backwards. I say all of this because that night they got up and shared how Jesus has changed their lives. They are not perfect and still have lots of growing to do but their lives will no longer be the same because of Jesus. This was encouraging to me because I didn’t see this change at once. It took years for some of these students to understand this truth. I began to think how many other students are being changed like this we just can’t see it right now? God is definitely working through YFC. At times we may not see the results instantly but God is working and will continue to work!

If you are interested in being a part of God working in the lives of students in Lebanon contact Nate Armstrong at 717-272-5106 ext. 304 or nate@lvyfc.com

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