Middle School Club Update

Ajay Kunarasa

God has been doing great things at YFC Middle!

      In the last few months, we have seen more kids make sincere commitments to Christ, and have experienced a growth in numbers, especially among of our girls! Here at Youth for Christ we really do see how hungry our youth is for Christ. Meeting this need is difficult and complex, it requires time and a deep commitment to relationship building, but it is truly rewarding. We have much more work to do ahead of us, but stories such as the one below encourage us and remind us that the work is not in vain. Below one of our new girls, Tamayra briefly wrote about YFC’s impact in her life.

      YFC has been a positive change in my world. All my life I have had negative things happen to me. I really did not have much light to guide me thru the struggles. I might be young (12 Years old) but I know how it feels to stay up all night thinking about “what's going happen to my life, what’s going to make life positive, am I even going to have a future?”. Not so long ago, I wanted to join a gang and to make it official, but God made a beautiful change in my life. He made me believe that I can be a better person.
      I am glad because not only has God given me some great examples, but He has given me a brand new family. A family that will not judge me, but help me; a family that will help me through the tears and help me through the rough times. They have my back through the worst. It is the best feeling ever to know YFC is helping me through everything. Especially my mentors Ajay and Asia, they are sent from heaven as we all describe them. They have guided us through this wonderful path and I am so thankful for them. Their relationship with me has caused me to change. I can say that I am getting more into things with God because of their great influence. It is just amazing to see change and the change in my friends, to know that God is the LIGHT. To know that GOD was always there carrying us, knowing that we were never alone. Through times of depression or hunger or rough times in your life He never left us, He was always there.
      I have been through many things and I am still going to go through them, but now knowing that God is making that change in me, I know that I am going to be ok. I know I can give myself away to the Lord and He can use me. Everyday there is a chain to be broken and I shall break all my chains and never give up. I know it's hard and it's going to get harder but the Messiah never gave up, He gave his life for his friends to show how much love He has for us and now it's our turn to show our appreciation to him.

I pray this encourages you. As always, we are sincerely grateful for your prayers and support.

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