Preschool Club – “We’re in the Flow”

Courtney Hershey

At risk of sounding like Jerry, I'm going to write a little about running in my Preschool Club Update! As some of you may know, I am a distance runner. I started running cross country at the age of 15 and have been running about 8 or 9 miles, on a daily basis, ever since. If you've ever run long distances you may agree that the beginning of the run is usually the hardest. In the beginning, it takes a while for your body to get used to the increased activity and for your breathing to slow to a comfortable pace. But, on a good day, once you've been moving for a while, your body starts to get into what I call, the “flow.” When you're in “flow,” your body feels smooth, you glide along, and many times, you forget what you're doing. Sometimes, when I come back from a run, I don't recall running on some roads I know I was on, and I can't believe how the time flew by . . .

Now that we're almost in the month of April and Preschool Club has been in session for 7 months, it feels like we're in the “flow.” At Preschool, this means that the kids know the routine, they generally follow it, and best of all, they know the teachers well and we know them.

In “flow,” I can merely look at the kids in a certain way and they know what I'm saying, for example, “Keep your hands to yourself.” We understand the kids' needs without asking, hugs are frequent and the kids often tell the teachers that they love us. We can see that the kids are learning; some can write their names, recognize colors and shapes, they know some of their letters and numbers, and many have memorized Bible verses.  Best of all, they can ALL tell you about Jesus. Spring has arrived, the weather is getting warmer and we're in the “flow” at the preschool club. I think this is the best time of the school year!


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