Kristen College – 2017 Summer Intern Bio

I’m a 24 years old Messiah College Alum and am currently obtaining my masters degree at Princeton Theological Seminary. I’m from just north of Annville, so not too far from the city of Lebanon. That combined with the fact that my family attends the same church as Jerry means I’ve been hearing about the amazing things that God has been doing (and is doing) at YFC for most of my life!

Part of my Seminary degree is completing internships, and when my mom suggested YFC as a possibility for this summer, I thought it was a great idea! I’m excited to be partnering with the team that God has at YFC and am anticipating God doing some really awesome things this summer. I also hope it is a useful experience in the discernment process, helping me to figure out what God has in store for me when I graduate next Spring.

So far at YFC I have been focused on getting to know kids and build relationships with them. I have particularly enjoy the hours of volleyball I have played with some of the middle school kids before club, and I am excited that we will be starting a summer volleyball club this summer, which will help continue building those relationships.

To learn more about our interns our volunteer opportunities at YFC® email or call 717-272-5106 x304.

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