Tatiana Samuels – 2017 Summer Intern Bio

        Hello everyone! My name is Tatiana Samuels. I am currently 22 years old. I am born and raised in the heart of Brooklyn, NY to Afro-Caribbean native parents. My mother is Jamaican and my father is of Bajan (Barbadian) descent. It is an honor and a privilege to be an intern at YFC this summer. My team and I are expecting great things from the hand of God by seeking His face to move not only within this ministry but within the city of Lebanon itself. I am excited for the things to come!
        I heard about YFC through the ministry school I recently graduated from, Summit International School of Ministry. Through Summit, I was apart of YFC High for two years and saw the growth that was taking place within the youth and the ministry. Summit has allowed myself and others to thrive off of their motto of, "Living for the Benefit of Others". Through that motto, we are able to give back, to our communities, nationwide and globally to see Christ glorified. I was offered the summer internship by and I am honored to be a part of YFC this summer!
        This summer my dream is to see the youth of Lebanon transform their lives by walking out the alternative lifestyle Jesus offers us. I am praying for a revival in the youth to lead prayer meetings, bible studies and so much more as they grow. Lord willing, this will lead to God fearing young people who will provide hope and change to their families and the community. Living in the neighborhood and building relationships with the kids and their families have been some of the most meaningful experiences I've had so far. It drives me to my knees everyday. All things are possible with God, and I challenge you, to live for the benefit of another and volunteer so you can see & be apart of  what God is doing in the community!
To learn more about our interns our volunteer opportunities at YFC® email nate@lvyfc.com or call 717-272-5106 x304.

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