2017 Summer Trip – Skyzone

Every Wednesday throughout the Summer, Lebanon Valley YFC®, invites kids in our program to spend the day with us on several field trips. These are exciting times for our kids to be kids and build relationships with one another and our mentors. Our staff, interns, & volunteers love these opportunities to build memories that will last a lifetime and the opportunities to share life lessons.

This past week YFC® had a trip scheduled to SkyZone and 50 kids, 10 adult volunteers & staff went along. They had a great time, however, we had so many kids who wanted to go that we had to turn away 25 kids  because we didn't have room to take them! It's so exciting to have so many kids who want to be involved and we need your help to be able to grow. 

We need volunteers to help manage more kids, but we also need your donations to allow us to bring more kids on our day trips. You can donate at www.lvyfc.com/donate and if you are interested in volunteering, please call 717-272-5106 x 304  to speak with Nate Armstrong, our Programs Director.

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