Change – Nate Armstrong

I recently went to Turkey Hill and bought a cup of coffee. That is nothing out of the ordinary. But this cup of coffee I bought with the spare change I had collected in my car. I was excited because over time without even thinking about it I collected enough spare change to buy a cup of coffee! This little story got me thinking, “how much change is happening around me that I am not noticing?”

I think YFC® High School club is like the spare change in my car. Each day something gets added. Over time eventually I had enough money to buy a cup of coffee. The same is true of our High School students. Jesus is changing lives. At times it may go unnoticed but eventually an entire cup full of change is visible. An example of this happened recently as our Summit teams returned for the school year. Several of the Summit students came up to me after their first week and said, “God truly was at work this this summer.” They were amazed at the changes they saw in the high school students. And then another change happened that really caught me off guard. One night at club two girls started to get into a verbal fight. Things escalated and some girls were asked to leave. But off in the corner I saw two girls talking. One was involved in the fight and another was a girl who was on probation for fighting. I walked over and heard the girl who is known for fighting talking down the other girl and encouraging her not to fight because it is not worth it. I was shocked to see this taking place. Small changes over time led to this conversation.

It is easy to just keep tossing loose change into the cup holder in my car. The same is true of our students. Sometimes we take for granted the change that God is making in their lives. When we reflect back, often by an outsider taking notice, we can’t help but praise God for the work that He is doing in the lives of students. And nothing is better than a cup of coffee bought with a handful of spare change!

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