Joys & Concerns

When I was growing up, the church my family and I attended had a regular component to it's Sunday worship service called, “Joys and Concerns.”  I used to like this part of the service because anyone was allowed to speak about something good God had done in their lives or something that was challenging and where they needed God's help.  It was a time to get to know more about the lives of each other and to care for one another. After the “Joys and Concerns” were all shared, we  would pray together, guided by what was shared during that special time.

 In accordance with human nature, I remember more concerns being shared than joys. It is true that in our brokenness, we need God more desperately and are drawn to him for comfort and assistance.  However, it has come to my attention recently, that joy is a fruit of the spirit.  Joy is something I've been asking God to cultivate more and more in my life, which has led me to want to share with you some of both the concerns and joys of the YFC® Preschool Club.  Please note, that for each concern shared, there is a joy listed too!

  1. This school year, there are ten bright, physically healthy preschoolers enrolled in the YFC® Preschool Club!
  2. Three of the ten began the school year speaking solely Spanish.
  3. These Spanish speakers are all speaking various words in English already!
  4. One sweet, 4 year old girl experienced the loss of a parent during the second week of school.
  5. She is sad and misses her parent dearly, but has been seeking God through prayer often and openly during our prayer times at school.
  6. It is a joy to be able to be with her and to provide structure to her young life that has been thrown into great chaos.
  7. Several students come from broken families, but are learning about Jesus, shapes, colors, apples and the season of fall in our stable, safe classroom.
  8. Some students struggle behaviorally, but are treated with love and respect by their preschool teachers, including Holly Wagner, who is our full-time teaching assistant!
  9. Our wonderful cook, Terry Jones, is back this school year too and has been dishing out all the preschool favorites for lunch.
  10. The children adore Mr. Terry, not just for his cooking skills, but for his fun and caring way of interacting with them.

In the midst of various struggles, rest assured that we are experiencing many joys at YFC® Preschool Club!        

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