We’re changing our Name!

By October 15, 2019 Lebanon Valley Youth For Christ will be no longer. That’s no joke. We are being required to change our name. Our mission will be the same but we’ll have a different name.

For the past 74 years, our name has been Lebanon Valley Youth For Christ. When we left YFC/USA, 45 years ago, we kept the name. In recent years we had a licensing agreement with YFC/USA allowing us to use the Youth For Christ name.

YFC/USA is now implementing a new strategic plan. Part of that plan is to ensure that every YFC chapter is aligned with their nationally approved ministry models. Since we minister to kids younger than middle school, we do not meet their newly approved ministry model. Therefore, we (along with other YFC chapters) are being required to change our name.

We remain committed to meeting the spiritual needs of the children and youth in our community. However, losing our name recognition is unfortunate. For over 7 decades, people in our region have participated in Lebanon Valley Youth For Christ, prayed for and supported YFC, and at the very least heard about this ministry. We are trusting God to guide us and sustain us through this major transition.

I take great comfort knowing that God already has a name selected for us, a name that will serve us well for the next 74 years. Join with me in praying that God will clearly reveal his chosen name to our leadership team.

On October 15 at our annual fundraising banquet we’ll reveal our new name. I hope you’ll be there for the big announcement. Until then, join us in prayer and send me your suggestions for a new name!

Jerry E. Higley
C: 717-673-5882

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