Lebanon Valley Youth For Christ is a Christian, non-profit organization ministering to the urban youth in our community. Our full-time and part-time staff, coupled with countless volunteers, are dedicated to giving young people the opportunity to become lifelong followers of Jesus Christ.

God has drawn our attention to the many kids in Lebanon whose lives are surrounded by instability. Poverty, the breakdown of families, and the influence of an ungodly society have removed the pillars of love, security and morality. Children are forced to adapt to their negative environments. They tend to think that their experiences are the norm. There are no quick fixes for the hurts of these young people.

However, LVYFC® is committed to making a lasting impact. The overriding objective of each facet of our ministry is to bring the hope of Jesus and lasting change to the youth of Lebanon. Experience has shown us that the best way to make a lasting impact in a person’s life is to build a quality relationship with them. The stability and security a child finds in these relationships establishes a fertile foundation for them to explore and accept a life changing personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

A growing relationship with Jesus provides a child with the essential pillars of love, security, and acceptance that they can only find in God. Young people participating in Youth For Christ® programs are finding hope for today and a promise of eternal life. As they decide to follow Jesus, we have the opportunity to equip them to become spiritual leaders in their schools, in their families, and in their community as youth for Christ. That process fulfills our mission of:

“building a community of young lives changed by Jesus Christ.”


We are a diverse team dedicated to giving young people the opportunity to become lifelong followers of Jesus Christ.

Jerry Higley

Executive Director


Isaac Williams

Director of Operations

Courtney Hershey

Preschool Program Director


Laurie Funk

Special Projects Manager

Brook Armstrong

Elementary Program Director

Ajay Kunarasa

Middle School Program Director

Nate Armstrong

High School Program Director

Holly Wagner

Preschool Teacher's Assistant 


We invite you to join us in praying for the programs, staff, volunteers and church partners of this great mission in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Receive our monthly email prayer list by calling 717-272-5106 x301