The overriding objective of each facet of our ministry is to bring the hope of Jesus and lasting change to the youth of Lebanon. Young people participating in Youth For Christ® programs are finding hope for today and a promise of eternal life.

Preschool Program

The children who attend the YFC preschool not only hear a Bible story four days out of the week, they also experience the heart of Jesus through their teachers and each other, as they are changed and grown in the truth of God. The kids are given a snack and lunch each day, participate in physical activity, make crafts and are read to regularly. After attending our program, these children are no longer behind in education or life. 

Mon-Thurs from 9AM to 12 noon during the school year.

Elementary School Program

For Kids K-5th grade, Thursday nights has been the night where the children can further enter into a family environment, where they feel welcomed, safe, seen, heard and loved. YFC elementary students are ministered to both spiritually and physically from the hot meals, wildly fun activities or games, and through the Bible lessons taught each week. It is the passion of the staff and volunteers to see these kids impacted by the love of Jesus Christ throughout all that happens during that night on a weekly basis. 

Thursdays at 6PM

Middle School Program

The focus of YFC middle is to build pockets of youth in our city that are being transformed by Jesus. Therefore, we teach the Gospel of Jesus at our weekly service, explore the implications in our weekly bible studies, and practice Christian living amongst our peers through community events and various trips. As Students go through our program, we have the privilege of witnessing the Gospel go from their heads to their hearts and ultimately lived out through their hands. 

Tuesdays at 6PM

High School Program

We recognize the importance of healthy relationships and the impact that a single person can have. Each week, small groups are facilitated to focus on meaningful Bible lessons and to build solid relationships with our students. Food is provided at all our events. Staff and volunteers walk through life with these high school students. In this way, we use our quality relationship with them to point them to Jesus. Our passion is to see young lives changed by Jesus!

Mondays at 6 pm


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